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Eco-Friendly, Green and Local – What’s Next?

As a food writer and business owner I’m constantly challenged by what the next new idea is. It used to be that we were on the leading edge of things. We were one of the first 50 businesses in Maine to receive the Leadership in Hospitality award from the Department of Environmental Protection. Our “It’s […]

Remember the time…

Remember the time when most of the people in this picture were NOT married?  Johnny (red shirt) and Andy (kneeling by the kettle) are both married to wonderful women and live in New York City.  Chris (blue shirt second from the left) is also in New York City.  All are working and supporting themselves in […]

Pies On Parade

Both a benefit for the local food pantry, Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO), and a festive mid-winter party, Pies on Parade has grown into a major event over the past several years.  Sold out a week ago at 600 tickets, it proves to be the event of the month for at least AIO if not Midcoast […]

Schooner Sisters

What would you do if your sister was reading the exact same book you were?  This was our girls’ solution – tilt to the side and both read at the same time. Feeling blessed that they get along so well, Annie

A Schooner Halloween

Who better to be Rapunzel than a blonde-headed schooner girl with some extra manilla line just hanging around in the barn?  Rapunzel’s hair turned out to be quite a project and at the end we were ALL glad that our hair is as short as it is! First we unlay the line all the way […]

March Forth into Outfitting our Maine Windjammer

From now until May 24th, we pick up speed until that day comes when we need to put our tools down and raise the sails for our first of many summer days out on Penobscot Bay sailing our Maine Windjammer. Ian, our senior crew member this year, started right in on Monday sanding and painting […]

We’ll Be Your Fiddler’s Green

To those guests who have recently left us and will no longer sail with us and laugh with us in their physical form, we will miss you. Now you will always have a berth on the Riggin, can always sit back on the cap rail and watch the day go by or stand up on […]

Cook the Book – Fruit Compote

Fruit Compote This is great on top of the toasted oatmeal recipe we shared last week, which is how we serve it on the boat.  In the winter, my daughters Ella and Chlöe like it warmed up for breakfast with a little yogurt or milk in it. Below is my favorite combination of fruits, but […]

Lavender Chicken with Sea Salt and Roasted Baby Carrots

Roast chicken is one of my favorite meals;  I love it rubbed and roasted with just salt and pepper.  But when I feel like playing, herbs are the first place I go.  Lavender might not be the first herb you think of when cooking, an herb that comes more to mind when thinking of bath […]


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