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Cocktails – In Good Company

On a sunny day in March (they are happening more and more frequently), Elizabeth and I left the office for a cocktail adventure.  Sometimes work is so HARD!  As we entered the back door of In Good Company, one of my favorite restaurants in Rockland; well… in Maine; well… anywhere, we were greeted by Melody […]

The Baggywrinkle Cocktail – A Little Bourbon, A Little Pear Nectar…

This Easter, it being chilly and complete with a tiny dusting of snow, we set the menu accordingly and served lamb and several hearty accompaniments such as homemade baguette, rosemary roasted red and purple potatoes and roasted asparagus. As has become the new norm, I offered all comers to our Easter dinner a cocktail. This […]

Canning Pear Nectar

This fall, I was the surprised recipient of a beautiful bushel of pears from what we think is a Seckle Pear tree. That gift, however, did not come co-bundled with an abundance of time. I was determined that this gift would not sit too long while I put it off until the pears were passed […]

Spinach Smoothie – Green AND Tasty

A good friend of mine often shows up to our meetings together with her breakfast – a bright green drink so brilliant, it’s hard to know how she got it to be that green.  We are talking neon, nuclear green.   So one day, I asked her.  Spinach, she says, is the key, without the […]

Cook the Book: Hot Chocolate

I’ve found that this is a real treat for little ones when you use semi-sweet chocolate; grown-ups usually prefer bittersweet. 3 cups whole milk 3 ounces bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped or grated Heat the milk in a saucepan over medium-high heat until it is just ready to boil.  Put the chocolate in a […]

Apple Picking – and then Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider Reduction

On these warm, sunny, fall afternoons, the girls and I walked with our bushel baskets to pick apples.  We’ve an “orchard” on our “property” which translated means I occasionally trim the trees that grow wild in the field right next to our house.  The apple crop this year is unbelievably abundant and even the organic […]

Cook the Book – Chai Tea

Chai Tea Chai tea is an Indian drink that has become popular in coffee houses.  It’s a nice alternative to hot chocolate. I make a batch of the spice base all at once so it’s always available. 1 bag of tea (orange pekoe or your favorite) 1 teaspoon spice base (below) 1 cup milk 1 […]

Cook the Book – Wassail Bowl Punch

Wassail is a drink that my mom serves every Christmas and I can’t smell it without remembering family times. Wassail Bowl Punch 1 quart hot tea (black or orange pekoe, or your favorite) 1 quart cranberry juice 1 quart apple juice 2 whole cinnamon sticks 12 whole cloves 1 cup sugar ¾ cup lemon juice […]


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