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Baker’s Notes – Scratch Baking Co. Muffins with a Twist

One of my new favorite publications is Baker’s Notes put out by Scratch Baking Co. and designed by MORE & Co., the same group that designed Sugar & Salt, my new cookbook.  The layout is a playful mix of daily snipets that allow a peak through the window of a baker’s life and serious tutorials […]

Why Salt Ahead?

This menu is one that became a column somewhat recently, but the link will expire soon, so I post it here for you instead.  It might make a nice entertaining menu for a smaller group of people – maybe for a Sunday night meal or if you are feeding guests from out of town. The […]

Bagels by Julia

Because what could be better than homemade bagels?  I must confess that years ago, before I had the hang of making bread by hand, I attempted bagels.  It’s a sure thing that when someone uses the word “attempted” that the results perhaps were not stellar.  And by not stellar I mean shriveled, wrinkley and hard […]

Baked Bakery’s Root Beer Bundt Cake

Chloe’s birthday was earlier this month.  The cookbook Baked: New Frontiers in Baking by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito was hanging around on loan from Sharon and after thumbing through it, Chloe decided to try the Root Beer Bundt Cake for her cake.  Report:  E said, “OMG, the frosting is not only good, it’s stick […]

Making Honey – The Secret Life of Bees

I was given the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and just as the book was coming to a close and had completely enveloped me in the romance and spirituality of owning bees, the opportunity came for us to own our own bees. In the past, I’d been so daunted by […]

In Defense of Food – Michael Pollen and Other Favorite Writers

On our weekend in Boston, I discovered the bookshelves of Emily, friend and author of Too Many Cooks: Kitchen Adventures with 1 Mom, 4 Kids, 102 New Recipes ~ A Memoir of Tasting, Testing, and Discovery in the Kitchen. She was kind enough to humor me when one book turned to a few and then […]

Ed the Former Monk has a Cookbook

Who knew?  Turns out "Ed the Former Monk" mentioned in a former post on Cheesy Garlic Bread is actually Edward Espe Brown and he has a cookbook and an interesting story.  Diane, a reader of my PPH column let me know that he is the author of the Tassajara Bread Book among others.  He was […]

Currently Reading – The Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

This book is an original way of viewing our global eating habits.  Husband and wife team (photographer and writer) team up to photograph 30 families with their entire weekly intake laid out on their kitchen tables.  An unusual family portrait to be sure and much easier to arrange than an earlier project which involved photographing […]


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