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Annie on TV! – 207 and Rob Caldwell

Once again, I made my way down to Portland through snow and sleet to do a taping of a Mushroom and Chicken Pot Pie for 207′s comfort food segment.  Rob and the NBC affiliate, WCSH6, as always, was the perfect host and here we are having a good time cooking together. Mushroom and Chicken Pot […]

No-Knead Bread 101 – Artisinal Roasted Garlic and Black Olive Bread

Bread is not easy.  Anytime we deal with a living organism, there is unpredictability.  Live things just don’t always do what we wish, or it takes longer, or it happens faster.  In any event, it’s not always on our exacting timetable.  But it doesn’t have to be so maddening. A number of people have said […]

Carrot Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Cognac, Cardamon and Coconut Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream came, delivered to our doorstep one recent day after Christmas, packed in dry ice, hard as a rock still and one flavor more delicious than the next.  This ice cream company, based in Columbus, Ohio, has been around for some time, but has just hit the national scene in part due […]

Annie on 207 Monday night, February 25th at 7pm

Hey gang, don’t miss how to make Carrot Banana Cake.  Rob Caldwell and I will laugh and joke our way through the making of this cake schooner-style – that’s a one bowl cake.  When you have as many dishes as we do on the schooner, ya get smart about how to make a good cake […]

Turkey Leftovers – What to do with ‘em

I can’t decide.  Do I like Thanksgiving dinner better or the leftover dinner the next day?  Nope, still can’t decide.  The good thing is that I don’t have to.  We had both. Now that both the big meal and the equally good leftover meal are in the past, if you haven’t already taken those bones […]

Ginger Thyme Granola

Good morning to my cupboard barren of cereal.  Good morning to my refrigerator bereft of milk.  I have things that I can make without going to the grocery store.  I can go one or two more days without spending money.  Today I will have Cheddar Cheese Polenta (Or maybe its grits if you are having […]

What’s in your freezer?

Day 26 without going to the grocery store.  The hot mess (or should I say ‘cold mess’) that I found in my freezer the other day resulted in a last minute change of dinner plans and a whole lot of things that need to be used up pronto. Often when we are sailing, folks ask […]

Creamy Pumpkin and Broccoli Soup – More Leftovers!

Hurricane Sandy has now moved away from the Maine Coast and the lone casualty in this yard is the Amur Maple that continues to occasionally loose a limb and give us a little extra fire wood in the process.  This tree has no actual horticultural value according to my gardening friends, however, its breadth and […]

Mystery Mess – NOW What’s for Dinner?

Yesterday I walked out to the barn to retrieve some lamb chops from the freezer – the last of three lambs purchased last year.  My mouth was set on Dijon mustard, garlic, rosemary and pan-seared medium-rare lamb. And then I opened the freezer… The door to the freezer hadn’t sealed. New plan.  Take out everything […]

Salads and Farmers Markets – It’s all Green

The Rockland Farmer’s Market opens today and through no fault of my own, coincides perfectly with this weeks column in the PPH about salads and greens.  With all of the micro and baby greens available to us this time of year, the old stand by of tomato, cucumber and lettuce salads dressed with ranch should […]


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