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Potato Skins with Artichokes and Fontina

I’m sure that other parts of the country are beginning to thaw (if they ever were really frozen), but up here in Maine, the idea of having the oven on for a couple of hours to bake potatoes, bread, pie and a roast while we pull our chairs up around the stove to warm our […]

Cook the Book: Roasted 5-Herb Chicken

Roasted 5-Herb Chicken   If you are in a hurry, you can cut the chicken through the breastbone and lay it flat on a cookie pan.  It will reduce the cooking time by about 45 minutes. 1 whole roaster chicken 2 tablespoons Herbes de Provence 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon fresh pepper 1 teaspoon paprika 2 […]

Baby Chicks Arrive

The chicks are here!  The chicks are here! They came by mail, packed in a box no bigger than a shoe box. Seven downy Buff Orpington female chicks are now safely ensconced in a lobster crate in our bathroom with the door firmly shut to keep out Charlie, the cat.  My initial plan, one that […]

Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Peas with Penne

“Mama, WHY are we the only ones who take care of the chickens?” say the girls one morning. (They aren’t but who’s counting.) “I tell you what, I’ll do the chickens both morning and evening if you cook dinner tonight,” I say with complete certainty that they’ll choose chickens. “DEAL!” they say. So then goes […]

Hypocracy Reigns Supreme

The sun was bright and high in the sky as I turned the compost pile today.  I find few things more satisfying for releasing aggression (not that I have any, of course) than turning a pile of garden refuse, kitchen waste and office paper into food for the garden.  As I stuck my pitchfork into […]

New Chickens Arrive!

Our retirement home for aging chickens is woefully short on the production of eggs right now.  One egg per day – total – just isn’t cutting it.   It could have something to do with how freaking cold it is here right now (Even my husband is wearing his fingerless mittens today.  In the house.)   […]

How a Hen Hatches an Egg

When I first went to college, I was sure that I wanted to be a veterinarian.  While I’m a far cry from that now as a chef and owner of a Maine windjammer, I’m inching in that direction again by having chickens and a cat and dreaming about my own horses, goats and pigs. We’ve […]


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